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Healing Hearts & Families was established July 1, 2010. The main office, which has moved, it is
located at 930 South D Street, Broken Bow, NE, with a satellite office in Ord, NE. We serve eight
counties covering approximately 7,000 square miles. Our vision is to eliminate domestic and sexual
violence in our society.   Healing Hearts & Families provides services to survivors of domestic
violence, sexual assault, and stalking along with their families free of charge. In 2014, we added a
Juvenile Diversion Program that reaches youth 11 to 18 years of age in Blaine, Custer, Dawson,
Gosper, Greeley, and Valley counties. This program provides the opportunity to develop a sense of
community responsibility and accountability. Most recently we have expanded our services to
include counseling for survivors and their families.

All of our services provided are confidential while being based upon the individual client needs. We
believe all individuals have the right and opportunity to live in a violence free environment.  Our
services are focused on the health, safety, and empowerment of those who come to us for help. 
Healing Hearts & Families believes that all individual and families should receive caring,
empathetic, non-judgmental support. We offer educational programs to communities,
professionals, faith-based organizations, and local schools by utilizing volunteers along with
partnering with other agencies in an effort to provide cohesive services to our clients. The
community support that we have received in the past and continue to receive is essential to the
success of our organization.

**The main office is now located at 930 South D Street and the Diversion Office is at 724 South D Street Broken Bow NE 68822**

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